Bloggers War

Time: 25 min., DV, colour,  2005
(Language: English)

Bloggers War, the story of Iranian dissidents in the Canadian diaspora using internet as medium to
express their thoughts freely. Bloggers War was awarded the Bronze Plaque at the 53rd Columbus
International Film and Video Festival.


Iran Journey

Time: 18 min., DV, colour, 2006
(Language: English & Persian, Subtitle: English)
Bahman’s Journey (AKA Iran Journey) (2007), follows an Iranian-Canadian who returns back home.
Bahman, a wanna be reporter asks iranians about contravercials issues. For this short documentary
Farid Haerinejad was presented with the Silver World Medal Award from 49th New York Film and
Television Festivals and Honorable Mention from 54th Chris Awards, Columbus International Film &
Video Festival.

  • Please note; Bahman Kalbasi (the main character in the film) is not the director, producer or writer
    of this film and is not the recipient of or nominee for any award related to this film. For more info
    contact Farid Haerinejad or CBC.


Out in Iran; Inside Iran’s Secret Gay World

Time: 21min., Format: DV, colour, 2007
(Language: English & Persian, Subtitle: English)

In line with efforts of raising awareness about minority groups, in 2007, Farid Haerinejad directed and
produced Out in Iran: Inside Iran’s Secret Gay World  that premiered on Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation. This film follows the lives of queer Iranians living in a country that homosexuality is a
crime punishable by death. The film reveals the challenges confronting ordinary gay Iranians, their
aspirations for a better future and their correspondences with Canadian gay rights groups who are
working to make a difference. Out in Iran was the first documentary film about Iranian gays living in
Iran. In the following years Out in Iran became an unofficial credential for those Iranian LGBTQ
individuals seeking asylum and was used extensively by activists to increase awareness and to fight for
equal rights for Iranian queer people.