“Others”, in Their Own Land


All they have to do is renounce their faith, and they will be set free to live their lives with all the protections of full citizenship. But for many members of the minority Baha’i faith in Iran, rejecting their beliefs literally goes against their religion. They would rather die than deny it! An impossible choice–Convert to Islam or become an outcast. 

For hundreds, during the Islamic government’s sweep of the unfaithful, it was torture and death; some hung in public squares. Today, although they are the largest non-Muslim minority religion in the country, Baha’is live on the margins of society with no basic civil rights, no human rights, no access to higher education, and significant economic pressure to make a living because they are seen as “dirty.”

Even after death, institutionalized bullying doesn’t stop.  Their graves are desecrated, their lives never celebrated. Outcasts in their own land. This film by Canadian filmmaker and Iranian expatriate Farid Haerinejad tells the stories of the price of keeping the faith.


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