Behind the High walls

Life & Death in Iran’s Prison

They each remember the day they were arrested, the day their torture began.
They remember the long, lonely years of solitary confinement behind the high walls of Iran’s notorious prisons. In the years shortly after the 1979 revolution in Iran, an entire generation of bright, young people with promising futures languished and suffered in prisons, enduring physical torture, sensory deprivation, and sadism, all in the name of the Islamic Republic.
They wondered how their revolution, which was so well-intentioned, had gone so wrong—hi-jacked by clerics who thought the way forward was in going back to the antiquated fundamentals of their religion.

There are stories of lashings and hangings carried out in the name of Allah.
Thousands of young people have been brutally tortured and ruthlessly murdered. Many were buried in the most inhumane ways in mass graves. There are accounts of mountains of discarded shoes of those who died. Those who lived through the massacres, and mental torture, are left with indelible memories of life and death in the prisons of the first Islamic Republic. This is their story.


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